SMATS provides a total unmanned solution for temperature check and access control management system. With SMATS, building manager or business owner are no longer required to appoint an officer to manually
measure and monitor users or visitors body temperature. Besides, SMATS can also automatically identify and record user details such as name and contact number via advanced face recognition technology. All recorded data will be stored in the controller and can be monitored via smartphone.
automated contact tracing device
automated contact tracing device


  • Automatically recognize and measure human face and body temperature

  • Super easy one-time registration process

  • Real-time alarm to alert management or officer when the body temperature exceeds a limit

  • Users or visitors are no longer required to write down manually their details

  • Downloadable recorded data

  • Extended capability such as data management system using cloud server

  • High data storage capability where the device can store up to 3000 face IDs and 1 million records

  • User friendly and simple to operate
  • Dual HD coloured and infrared camera with temperature accuracy 0.1°C

  • Long-distance temperature detection up to 0.5m

Compatible with Any Smartphone

automated contact tracing device

Integrated Mobile Apps

  • Wireless Connection
  • Secured & Protected
automated contact tracing device

Manage Data

Record and manage data via mobile apps
automated contact tracing device

Contact Tracing

Authorities can easily perform contact tracing based on recorded data

Add-on Module (Optional)

automated contact tracing device

Comprehensive Attendance Software

automated contact tracing device

Automated Attendance Data